LED Lighting – A List of Benefits From A Vancouver WA Homebuilder

As you stand in front of the light bulb section at the store, you likely are a bit confused. Traditional light bulbs are quite a bit less expensive, but those LED ones claim to last longer. While it may be easiest on your wallet to select the regular light bulb options for your new Vancouver WA home, here are a few benefits of LED lighting that you might want to consider.the-light-bulb-428286__180

They reduce energy costs – Not only do your new LED bulbs need less electricity to operate, they also omit less heat when they are turned on. They also tend to draw less power while in the off position than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Since you can expect a quarter of your electricity to be the lighting, LED light bulbs can translate into a great savings.

They help Minimize maintenance effort and cost – LED bulbs can last up to 50 times longer than traditional lighting, and while those incandescent or fluorescent bulbs will burn out, LEDs tend to gradually decrease their output as the run our of energy. These bulbs are much stronger and are not prone to breaking when dripped on the floor. They also do not include mercury like other lighting options, meaning that disposal is less of a hassle.

Offer more flexibility – Since they are a directional lighting source, they can be inexpensively used for under cabinet lighting or decorative display lighting. They are even great as nighttime safety lighting. To learn about more benefits about LED lighting, click here.

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