How to Make Decisions About Interior Hardware – Advice From Your Vancouver WA Homebuilder

As you embark in the process of building your home, there are many different decisions awaiting your making. There are many that need careful contemplation, the big ones that mean the most, and the finishing details. This next series of posts will cover those intricate details that complete the homebuilding journey.

The perfect interior hardware can be the cherry on top of your perfectly designed kitchen and bathroom. Depending on your style, these details can draw the eye. You should consider this to create a cohesive space. Here are a few hardware ideas to help make the process a bit easier:

Gold is making a comeback in home design, and you can tastefully use this decorative hardware as a way to introduce the trend without overly committing to it.bathroom-670257_640

Casual Contemporary is a style of decorative hardware that is clean and modern. These cabinet pulls and knobs offer a sleek aesthetic without being overly sharp. Some great choices for contemporary hardware are; brushed pewter, brushed oil-rubbed bronze, polished chrome, and satin nickel.

The next blog will further discuss style options for the pulls and knobs inside your home. For more information about interior hardware, click here!

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