Modern and Contemporary Interior Hardware for Your Custom Vancouver WA Home

As you continue make decisions about the hardware in your home, there are a few more styles to be aware of. Based on the style of your home, you may choose interior hardware that falls into these

Modern Design- Many pulls and knobs fall into this category. If your home is modern, you may want to choose modern hardware that features shapes and smooth lines. You may want a more squared-off lever handle that inconspicuously curves on the reverse side. Or maybe you will choose a wedge-shaped lever that features subtly rounded edges, or possibly a circular knob reminiscent of a hokey puck with long lines.

If you are looking for something contemporary and shiny, you can go back to basics with stylish stainless steel hardware, with a new polished finish. Contemporary pull, curved pull, and novelty knob shapes all options to make a statement in your space. This look is ideal for designers looking for hardware with a little bit of shine.


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