How to Choose Your Window Treatments – A guide From Your Vancouver WA Home Builder

If you are overwhelmed with the options out there for your window treatments, it is understandable. There are so many choices that it can be nearly impossible to make the right one. Here are a few tips to help you find perfect curtains for your home.

The main goal of this blog post is to discuss the function of your brand new window treatments. Maybe you are looking for curtains that offer privacy when you want it, or prefer a bit of sunlight shining through. You can find the exact level of darkness or lightness you chair-690341_640are looking for by purchasing either unlined or lined curtains. Obviously, lined curtains are more expensive, but they also provide a few benefits:

  • It helps to shield fabric damage that can be caused by the sun.
  • It helps curtains last longer.
  • It adds substance to the curtains: protecting from drafts.

For the highest level of durability, light blockage, body, and insulation, you may consider purchasing curtains with an interlining. These curtains provide an extra layer of flannel-like fabric in between the lining and the fabric. Custom curtains often have the extra layer, which less expensive options do not. To read more about your curtain options for your home, click here.

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