How to Incorporate Prints and Patterns into Your Window Treatments – Some Tips From Your Home Builder in Vancouver WA

hallway-176285_640As rule of thumb, if you have already incorporated patterned furniture, rugs, or bedding, consider sticking with a solid curtain. If your current pallet is more solid, you can give yourself a bit more freedom to choose patterned and colorful window treatments.

Some people are looking for a more subtle touch of energy and style. In this situation, you may want to go for a more small and neutral print. This can be implemented through dots or paisley, giving a sense of texture from afar. For those who are a bit more daring, a large and graphic print that ties together the existing decor can be spectacular.

The great thing about curtains is that they can be
changed over time to match your personal style. This extra flexibility can allow you to try out patterns that you may be drawn to but are nervous to try. Your window treatments are a commitment, but not a forever commitment. Using these tips, you can find the perfect curtains for you! To read more about the colors and patterns of window treatments in your home, click here!

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