Your Vancouver WA Homebuilder Discusses The Headings of Your Curtains

Your curtain’s top hem is also often known as the heading. The decisions you make about this detail can greatly help define the overall look of the curtains in your home. Depending on the style you prefer, you can give them a unique and personal feel—casual or formal, feminine or sleek. Another aspect to consider, is functionality. The heading you choose could ultimately make your curtains easier or more difficult to open and close.



Here are a few options that are available for your curtains:

  • Rod-Pocket Heading: This style consists of a channel along the top that holds the rod, creating a casual, gathered effect. This is a nice option for curtains, as they will stay put.


  • Basic heading, with hooks: This style is a traditional flat heading that attaches to the rod via rings stitched into its top hem or, in some cases, drapery hooks. These are rings that attach to the hooks. This setup allows the curtains move easily.


  • Tab-Top Heading: In this style, flat loops of fabric hang on the rod. This can give a casual look with the use of sheers or more complete with a stiffer fabric choice. Some prefer a variation of this with bows instead of flat loops, offering a more feminine look.


  • Pleated Heading: There are many styles of pleated headings, from narrow pencil pleats to wide, flat box pleats. Since they are well structured, these panels tend to be a more formal option than styles. Pleated curtains generally operate with drapery hooks and rings.

For more information about your curtains and the heading options available, click here.

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