What Type of Rod Should I Use? Tips From a Home Builder in Clark County WA

Once you have made decisions about the type of curtains in your new home, it is time to find the perfect rod. The decorative curtain rods you choose should relate in some way to the style of the room. On the other hand, those that are hidden from view entirely can be chosen based on their functionality.

Here is a list of some common options.

Classic Rod: This is an adjustable pole that often features ornamental end caps (also known as finials) These attach to the wall with brackets. You might consider matching the metal to other finishes in each space. You can also purchase a double-rod version if you are hoping for a more layered look with sheers.

Return Rod: This is an adjustable U-shaped rod that is installed by screwing it directly into the wall. Panels wrap around the curved sides, which helps in situations where you want to block out the light entirely. This style is also available in a double-rod style for layering.

Track Rod: This style uses drapery hooks to attach to pulleys inside a track. They can be installed on either the wall or even the ceiling. There are different styles and materials available in this style. The curtains glide effortlessly inside the track, making them easy to operate.

Tension Rod: This is the easiest and least expensive option. They are also the least sturdy option. They will adjusts to fit inside a window frame with no hardware. It is mainly meant for lightweight panels or café curtains.  Click here to learn more about the various forms of curtain rods out there.

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