A Custom Home Builder in Vancouver WA Discusses a Few Fundamentals of Frieze Carpet


Frieze carpet is sometimes called shag carpet. It has short and twisted fibers that do not stand upright. These twisted fibers offer a casual look that does well in high traffic areas. It can stand up to stains, foot prints, dirt, and other forms of general wear and tear. Frieze carpet cost more that other types up front, but it has a longer lifespan. Since it lasts longer, the extra cost is justified.

Frieze carpet is known for its durability. It works great in homes that have little kids or indoor pets. It is also available in a wide selection of styles and colors.


The fibers of frieze carpet stick up in a random manner, which is great for hiding accidents and imperfections. The strands in this carpet measure about ¼ inch. This carpet yields a speckled appearance that helps to hide stains.

Frieze carpet requires less upkeep than other carpets because the carpet fibers of frieze have a loose construction that allows dirt to fall beneath the carpet’s soft outer layer and into the carpet’s backing. Since the soil particles actually lie under the fiber, the dirt and dinge is concealed, making the mess invisible. A strong vacuum can easily pull dirt up from beneath the fibers. Frieze responds especially well to regular vacuuming. Click here to read more about frieze carpet.

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