Stains Can Leave Your Carpets Looking Drab – A Vancouver WA Homebuilding Professional Discusses Replacement

The last blog discussed once instance when you may need to replace the floors in your home. This blog will further explain this phenomenon. Many people experience staining throughout their homes due to children, animals, spills, and dirty shoes. In many cases, these stains can be easily cleaned up with household products or a carpet cleaner. In some situations through, these stains may stick around despite your best efforts.


Unfortunately, the longer the stain has been stuck, there is a larger change that it will be stuck there for
good. A small stain may not be cause to change out your floors, but if they begin to impact your life or leave you embarrassed, it may be time for a change.

Typically these stains occur in carpeting due to spills, but all other forms of flooring can experience them. Wood floors can experience fading, dents, or burns that can cause them to look dreary and old. Click here to learn more about the stains on your flooring.


Whether you are looking for new floors for your new home or replacing your old ones, you should always consider your personal style. To check out our gallery at Tuscany Homes for your Vancouver WA home building needs, click here.