Your Vancouver WA Custom Home Builder Discusses Your Carpet Pad

The previous post discussed the times where stains may require a homeowner to purchase new floors.  Whether you have carpet or hard wood floors, you can experience nasty stains that require attention.  Not all stains can be cleaned up, and they can aesthetically change the appearance of a room.  This blog will discuss an instance where carpet, more specifically the carpet pad, may need to be replaced.


Everyone is different and every carpet will experience different levels of wear over the years. Depending on your cleaning schedule and how well you care for your carpets, you may not need to replace your carpet or pad for 10 years or more. Regardless of how clean you are, eventually wear and tear will occur, especially in the areas you are in the most. Your high traffic areas will definitely see more wear than others. If you notice that your carpet seems worn or wrinkled, replacement may be the only reliable fix. To learn more about replacing your carpet pads or carpet, click here.

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