Tuscany Homes Discusses Pocket Doors for Your New Custom Home in Vancouver WA

Pocket doors can blend efficiency with architectural charm.  They are becoming more and more popular and can be used in traditional or modern design.  There are many varieties of hardware accents that can be used to add character if you feel the need to dress up your spaces.

Pocket doors are very common in tight spaces such as in a small laundry room or bathroom because they allow for more room to move around then a regular swinging door.  They also work well as connectors between rooms because they allow for privacy while creating a blended open space when desired.  This style of door will not seal as tightly as a normal door and will not create the same level of acoustic privacy either.


These doors can be designed as full doors and also can be used in half-height doors that helps keep dogs out of certain areas or watching children.  You can use just about any product for your pocket door.  Some choose architectural salvage material for a trendy look or date specific items to add a traditional look to a historic home.  For more information about how you can use pocket doors in your new home, click here!.

If you have any questions regarding pocket doors or any other design features in your new custom home in Vancouver WA, please click here to contact Tuscany Homes today.