Your Custom Home Builder in Vancouver WA Offers Some Fall Organizational Tips

It is the perfect time of year to organize, clean and get rid of the things you no longer need.  This can include a scrub down of all of your bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and various other living spaces. Here are some great tips for getting your home ready for the holiday season:

The first step is quite obvious, Clean!  Taking on one room at a time is a great way to accomplish your goals over time without getting overwhelmed.

Second, getting rid of things that you simply do not use anymore is an important part of the process.  Over the years we acquire things that begin to pile up and create clutter.  Using avenues such as donating, setting aside for garage sales, selling online, and throwing things away can be quite liberating, especially when it helps create a more clean and airy space in your home.

Taking clutter and moving it to its place is a great way to begin gain some order to your home.  If there are pictures that have not been hung up, books that have been taken off the shelf, or folded (or not folded laundry) that has been sitting in a basket, putting it where it belongs can quickly make your home feel more organized.

Two final ways to get your home feeling ready are to update accessories as you see fit and also create lighting to help you with feeling the blah of the winter blues.  Finding ways to add lighting to your home even on the dreariest days can help your home feel more inviting and help your mood too.  For more tips on home organization please click here.


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