Will a Bonus Space Benefit Your Family: Ideas For Your New Custom Home in Vancouver WA

More and more homes these days are being built with a loft or bonus space on the upstairs level between the bedrooms. This space is great, but leaves many people wondering what the best use of the space is. Since it is not a bedroom, it is hard to put a child or guests there.


One option for this extra space in your new home is a playroom. Children have a lot of toys and sometimes it is hard to squeeze them all into their bedrooms and you definitely do not want them crowding up your normal living space. For this reason, families can use this extra space as a kid zone. This also gets the kids palying together and sharing their toys as it is a common area.

Another option is to use it as a second living room if it is large enough. This adds some extra living space and gives guests or kids an extra place to congregate. A couch and a television with some fresh decor is all you really need to turn an empty loft into a warm place to spend time alone, or together.

This space can also be an office if the home does not already have a space for that. While it may not offer the privacy that a typical office with a door does, it does allow for there to be a family computer where kids can do their homework or adults can work.  To view many more options for your bonus space please click here.

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