Focal Point Tips for Your Master Suite From Your Vancouver WA Home Builder

Making decisions about your custom built home can be daunting. There are so many choices, and all of them cost money. One area of contention for many people is the master bedroom. It is an important space, and the add-ons for making it amazing can definitely add up. As you make decisions for your own master suite, one thing to keep in mind, is adding a great focal point. This can make or break the space and keep you enjoying your bedroom for years and years. Deciding where to place your focal point is among the most difficult decisions because there are many options, here are a few:

  • A Fireplace
  • A large window
  • Beautiful French doors
  • A piece of furniture that makes a statement
  • A ceiling that features beams or other elements
  • Stunning lighting elements


No matter which feature you decide upon, you may first want to consider the layout of the master bedroom. Especially consider where the furniture will be going, making it easier to determine where the focal point can go. This can help you design the space around the feature itself.

You can work together with your Vancouver WA home builder to determine what will look best in your new custom home. Click here to read more about choosing a focal point in your master bedroom.

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