Bamboo and Cork Are Great Flooring Options – Help From Home Builders in Vancouver WA

The last blog posts dicussed the two main flooring options: wood and laminate. This post will introduce 2 unique and beautiful flooring trends that are great for the enviornment and timeless. These two styles are bamboo and cork.

Cork is a flooring option that is a green alternative. It provides a “honeycomblike” cellular structure that gives the floor a cushioned feel when you walk on it. This special and distinctive structural characteristic gives cork floors the ability to absorb vibrations and sound. They have the ability to bounce back if dented, making them highly durable. Cork flooring comes in pre-finished tiles in a range of finishes. This flooring style offers a nonslip surface that makes cork ideal for wet areas; such as kitchens or bathrooms.

Bamboo is a fast-growing, regenerating plant that has the tensile strength of steel. This strength gives it a durable function that provides resistance to swelling and contraction as the elements change. Similar to wood flooring, bamboo flooring is pre-finished and engineered with tongue-and-groove joints. Bamboo is grown in forests that are controlled, taking just 3-5 years to reach their full growth potential. This is in comparison to the old-growth of hardwoods, that can take up to 120 years to reach full size. For more information about bamboo or cork flooring, click here.


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