A Custom Home Builder in Vancouver WA Has Some Tips for Maximizing Kitchen Storage Space    


The kitchen in your new home does not have to be a cluttered space to simply store your pots, pans, and dishes. In many cases, these kitchen storage areas become over stuffed and unappealing. During the holidays this can be frustrating because getting to the utensils and tools you need can be a challenge in and of itself. If you take the time to organize using the tips from our next series of blog posts, getting the utensils and ingredients you need to make your holiday feast will not be such a nuisance. Before you begin this process, take a step back and imagine what exactly you would like it to be and how it should function. As you consider your options, here are a few small suggestions that can make a large difference.

  • The towel racks in your home can have multiple functions. If you install a towel rack above your stove or with the kitchen cabinet, you can use it for placing lids or utensils that have no real place to go.
  • A shelf can be installed above the doorway and function as storage for seldom used belongings. This can also serve as a reminder that you have these items.
  • Hanging racks above your counter can give you quick and easy access to your pots and pans. Not only are they easier to get to, these racks keep the clutter under control.
  • If you install magnet strips on the wall, you will have a safe and easily accessible place to store knives.


For more advice for creating a functional kitchen space, stay tuned for our next blog post.


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