A Custom Home Builder in Vancouver WA Offers some Advice for Creating a Functional Kitchen

In our last blog post, we discussed some important factors of creating a kitchen that is functional and provides adequate storage space. This post will offer a few more important tips for saving space and enjoying the function of your kitchen.

One great way to increase the functionality of your kitchen is to is to add space savers within the cabinet doors. This can include; hanging racks or baskets on the inside is a great way to store smaller items. You could also use this storage area to place cleaning essentials in the baskets and even store your favorite spices in the racks.

Another option for storing items and cutting down on the clutter is using trays. A great place for these trays is inside your drawers. You can fill them with any small items that you use frequently.

Adding these small additions to your storage can help you achieve less clutter and more organization. For more information about creating the perfect organized kitchen, click here.


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