A Custom Home Builder in Vancouver WA Offers A Few Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Spare Bedroom


A spare room probably sounds like a great idea as you are beginning the building process of your new home. Many people have many plans about what they would do if they were to have a spare bedroom in their home. This is for good reason, there are simply so many options for a spare room. Looking back though, it is not uncommon for us to remember our past spare rooms and how those spaces became a storage closet. This black hole probably hosted a variety of miscellaneous items that did not have a home.

This misuse of a great space can end up burdening you with guilt each time you pass this room, causing you to avoid going in there. Here are a few ways that you can turn things around and get the most out of your spare room.

  • Organize your office space.
  • Make a comfortable and stylist guest bedroom for your guests.
  • Create a home gym and actually use it.

For more information about creating a spare bedroom space that you use on a regular basis, click here.

Strong young man work out in gym
Consider a home gym in your spare room!

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