A Vancouver WA Home Builder Explains Why You Should Not Steam Clean Your Wood Floors

Steam cleaning may seem like a quick and efficient way to get your wood floors sparkling clean, but don’t fall for it. Steam is not a friend to your wood floors. The moisture can seep into the cracks, joints, and gaps, which can destroy your floors over time. Repeated cleanings with steam can leave your floors with a cloudy film that is dull, requiring professional refinishing to fix.

For this reason, you should only consider cleaning your wood floors with the products recommended by the manufacturer. There are many products out there that claim to clean your floors but you do run the risk of acquiring buildup or streaks when you use them. When possible though, consider placing trust in the manufacturer of these floors. They have done a lot of hard work testing products to determine what will work best for your particular finish.   For more information about keeping your wood floors clean, click here.


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