Make Sure Your Land Has Basic Access and Utilities – Tips from a Home Builder in Vancouver WA

In the last post, we discussed the important considerations to make as you chose the lot for your new home. This post will further share some insight on this matter.

One major thing to consider is whether or not the utilities have been brought to your lot. If they are not already there, you will need to find out who can provide you with these connections, and more importantly, what the cost will be.

Access is a complex issue that you need to consider when purchasing a lot. Out in the country, rural lots might be cut off from a public roads and only be accessible a private one. This dilemma can introduce a variety of problems. The first one is that it might not have access to city water or sewage, meaning that you will need a septic system and well to handle your basic utilities. This will further increase the construction costs. For more help picking the perfect lot, click here.


Your trusted home builder in Vancouver WA can help you. Our experience and knowledge can help make sure that you find the perfect lot for your new custom home. Click here to see some of our communities.