Saving Time and Money With Weekly Food Prep – Tips From a Home Builder in Vancouver WA

Busy schedules can make it difficult to plan a separate dinner every night of the week. At Tuscany Homes, our custom floor plans offer well crafted and functional kitchens that will allow you to prepare foods and store them with ease.

Taking the time to prepare meals for the week in advance can save you money and simplify your evenings. Here are a few great tips for planning and preparing your meals in advance:

  1. Invest in freezer bags so your meals do not develop freezer burn.
  2. Consider meals that work great in the crockpot for further simplicity.
  3. Give everyone in your family a job to do.
  4. Create a weekly shopping list that includes everything you will need for the preparation.
  5. Have your recipes on hand.

Traditional Austrian food on the plate

For more ideas for prepping your meals on a weekly basis, click here.

Your dream kitchen should function in a way that works best for you and your family. Whether you take this advice and invest in weekly planning, or prefer to cook nightly, your trusted home builder in Vancouver WA can assist you. Click here to view our gallery.