Keeping Your Air Fresh – Suggestions From Your Experienced Home Builder in Vancouver WA


If you do not perform regular maintenance on your filters or furnace regularly, your air might not be as clean as you would like. Your furnace is working very hard during the winter and this can lead to a build up of debris and dust in your air filters.

It is recommended that during times of peak usage, you change your filters in your cooling and heating systems on a monthly basis. This might seem like a lot, but can drastically improve your air quality.

You can also use air purifiers to add fresh air to particular spaces. This is a great addition to your guest room, especially if holiday guests are still sticking around.

Many people enjoy their fireplace this time of year because of the cool weather. It is also important to pay attention to the wood you use in your fireplace. It is a relaxing activity, but it is important to use real, dry wood. The imitation products on the market often contain chemicals that you might not want circulating in your home. Click here to read more about improving the air in your home.

Portrait of mother reading to her daughters before sleep
Portrait of mother reading to her daughters before sleep

Your experienced home builder in Vancouver WA can help you figure put the best system for keeping the air fresh. Click here to contact them today.