The Difference Between Wants and Needs in your New Custom Home in Vancouver WA

One of the most important things a new homeowner can do, is carefully consider the differences between wants and needs in their new custom home in Vancouver WA. It may sound easy, but it’s actually more difficult than it sounds. This is because what one family member considers important, may not be important to another.

This dilemma will require sorting between needs and wants, as well as making sacrifices and compromises. Maybe you want to add a formal dining room for entertaining guests, but your spouse feels that it is a wasted space. Discussions like these are not at all unusual when building a new custom home.

If you and your family are having a difficult time planning for your new home, consider this process;

  • You and your spouse, independently of each other, each take a blank sheet of paper and write down all of your dreams, wants and needs for your new home.
  • Rank each of your items in order of importance. This will help you fully understand what you want, and what you could do without.
  • Once you and your spouse have completed this task, the two of you can meet together to share and compare your lists.
  • In the end, a master list can be created.

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