Your Custom Home Builder In Vancouver WA – Quality, Speed, Service, and Price

As you move through the process of selecting your home builder for your custom home in Vancouver WA, you will need to consider what is most important to you: quality, service, speed, or price. While you may want all of these qualities, most builders cannot offer all of them to you. You may feel like you need to settle and give up some of what you want, but you don’t.

Here are some qualities that you will want to look for in your custom home builder:

  • Quality:  A good builder will pride itself on being able to providing a quality product.  They encourage prospective home buyers to check out what they have to offer. Quality requires a comfort with high end materials and luxurious craftsmanship.
  • Service: A home builder who has exceptional customer care will build a great relationship with home buyers and can attend to their needs.
  • Speed:  An on-time finish is important to any homeowner. You depend on being able to move in on time so you can move on with your life. When deadlines are being missed it can be frustrating, but communication is key.
  • Price:  It is important to realize that the best companies aren’t usually the cheapest. That said, they are probably not the most expensive either. A great building company will deliver quality at a good value.



We are a custom home builder that will aim to meet all of your needs and achieve as many of these elements as possible. Our customer service, craftsmanship, experience, and relationships with organizations in the community help us achieve this goal. We want to be there with you every step of the way. Click her to view our gallery to see our craftsmanship.