Other Ways Custom Home Owners in Vancouver WA are Using Radiant Heating

In our last post, we discussed radiant heating and how it can make you more comfortable in your home and save you money in the long run. This post will further explain some clever ways that custom home owners in Vancouver WA are using this innovative heating method.

Electric radiant heating can be used on your driveways and sidewalks. This is an especially great idea for the winter because not only does it keep you from slipping on ice, it also reduces your time spent shoveling or using the snow-blower. A winter without snow-removal can help make this season a bit more enjoyable

Your garage or basement are other great places for radiant flooring, as both of these spots can lead to chilly toes if you are not wearing shoes. The basement and the garage are both areas that can release energy quickly, so radiant heating can offer the benefit of heating a space that is not typically warm.

As you make plans for your next build, think about a heating system that can save you money and keep you comfortable in your new home. Your wallet and your feet will thank you.


When you start to think about all of your heating options on your new home, consider a home-builder who you can trust to take your ideas seriously. Click here to read about how dedicated we are to your dream home.