Creating an Outdoor Space for Your Family – Tips From Your home builder in Vancouver WA

Here in Vancouver WA, homeowners are creating very livable outdoor spaces in their patios, decks, porches, or lawns. This can be done in a small apartment patio, condominium courtyard, or a full-size deck.

Here are a few trends that you might want to consider as we move towards spring:

  • Consider a multi-functional space: You can consider a traditional outdoor dining room patio set or make your outdoor space more of a living room. This can include a large cocktail table and comfortable chairs for visiting with guests. This can also be used for visiting, eating, or sipping coffee with the Sunday paper.
  • Install LED lighting: Lighting is key to enticing you and your family outdoors after hours.
  • Find a great cover for the space: Here in Vancouver, we see a lot of different types of weather. Consider a four-post pergola with hidden corrugated, clear plastic can offer a light-filled oasis year-round.
  • Purchase a rug to tie the space together: Outdoor rugs have come a long way in function and style over the past few years. They can refine the outdoor space and they can be found in many colors and patterns.
  • Try not to be too mathey-matchey: You may want to purchase the 5 piece patio set, but refrain for the sake of style. It is definitely possible to find pieces that complement each other without matching every thing in the room.


Your outdoor space can function in many ways. For help creating the perfect custom home including a great space that brings the indoors outside, click here to contact a home builder in Vancouver WA today.