Slowly but Surely, A Friendlier Type of Foam Insulation for Custom Homes in Vancouver is On the Way

New blowing agents are slowly making their way onto the market. It is a more efficient type of insulation that has been said to lower global warming potential. It may still be another 5 years before we actually see the product that so many are talking about.

Several companies currently are taking steps to manufacture a new blowing agent that takes the new federal regulations into consideration. There is an upcoming deadline, but some experts are now suggesting that these deadlines may get moved back.

Many custom homebuilders, us included, have been on the lookout for new insulation options that have a lower global warming potential (GWP). While there are some developments, the wait is nowhere near over.

We are beginning to see some movement on the development of energy efficient insulation. The company Honeywell recently announced their upcoming release of a brand new blowing agent. It is a hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) compound that has a GWP that is under 1. It is a HFO-1234ze that is believed to have the potential to replace hydrofluorocarbon, which is called HFC-134a. This particular compound has a GWP that is 1,300 times higher.


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