A Custom Home Builder in Vancouver WA Shares Some Suggestions for Avoiding Builder Scams  

The main purpose of this post is to help educate Vancouver WA residents about the dangers of contractor scams. These tips are meant to serve as red flags as you are maneuvering through the home building process.

If you hear any of these statements, consider finding a different custom home builder in Vancouver WA:

Scam 1: I’ll need the money up front

There are really only a few custom products that you should have pay for in the beginning. There is no guarantee that your builder won’t stop working after you have paid them in full.

How to protect yourself: Never pay more than 50% upfront and write checks directly to the vendor, not the contractor themselves.

Scam 2: Take my word for it

You will want as much as humanly possible in writing, especially those agreed upon extras. It will be pretty difficult to fight for them later if they aren’t listed in the fine print of your contract. Some of the details don’t make it into the contract, but you figure it doesn’t matter because you had a clear verbal understanding.

How to protect yourself: Make sure that all of your wants and needs are outlined in the contract.

A few other scams are:

  • I don’t need to pull a permit.
  • I’ve got extra materials I can sell you cheap.
  • We came up with some unforeseen costs.



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Our biggest piece of advice to you is to keep your eyes and ears open, and trust your instincts. We are a custom home builder in Vancouver WA who will do right by you. Click here to contact us today.