A Vancouver WA Home Builder Suggests that You Consider These Things When Choosing New Flooring


DSC_4018Picking the perfect flooring depends on making a wants versus needs assessment. Listing the things that you want is usually an easier process, because of your personal style.  That said, the things on your “needs” list are extremely important, because those are your practical considerations.

Each individual surface comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You may find the perfect flooring, but it requires a great deal of upkeep. In the end you will have to decide what is negotiable as you choose flooring.

Your family status and lifestyle are both very important factors in the type of flooring you choose. Maybe you have children, elderly, or disabled family members living in the home. Each of these factors will require different considerations to be made when you pick your flooring.

Children often mean more wear and tear. They are very good at running, banging into things, and playing with toys. Some laminate products might be better when children are around, due to its durability.

If someone in your family has a wheeled walker or wheelchair, they can sometimes catch on the grout, possibly leading to a fall.  For disabled or elderly family members, you might want to consider a seamless approach to your flooring.

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These are just a few of the considerations that you might need to think about as you choose the new floors for your home. We are a homebuilder in Vancouver, WA who wants to make sure that your home meets all of your and your family’s needs. Click here to read about us today.