Why We Love Bamboo, and You Should Too! Suggestions for Your Custom Home in Vancouver WA


23505 NE 210th St Battle-large-008-9-23505 NE 210th Street 9-1500x1000-72dpiOverall, bamboo floors look and feel just like wood. Did you know that bamboo is actually really a grass, and that quality actually makes it harder than the majority of the wood floors out there? It’s attraction lies with the fact that it is environmentally sustainable. The bamboo plant matures in roughly 4 to 7 years, and once it is harvested, it actually regenerates itself.

Bamboo has great dimensional stability, meaning that it expands and shrinks less than wood.  It is also extremely moisture resistant, but excessive exposure to moisture can be detrimental. In some cases you can expect up to a 25 year warranty on bamboo floors, this is because this flooring type tends to last a very long time.

It’s natural coloring process produces a color through the bamboo, making chips or scrapes extremely unnoticeable. However, this carbonizing process also reduces its hardness.

Unfortunately since bamboo is an engineered wood, it contains glue that can in some cases give off high levels of volatile organic compounds.  This is due to the formaldehyde content.

It is also important to know that the quality of the bamboo you purchase can vary greatly. Cheaper products may not have the same levels of durability and quality as the higher price bamboos.  Click here to learn more about bamboo flooring.

If you are looking for great flooring for your new custom home, your trusted homebuilder in Vancouver WA can help. Click here to discuss bamboo or any other flooring option with one of our representatives today.