Does Anyone Use Linoleum Anymore? Answers From a Homebuilder in Vancouver WA


DSC_3451If you haven’t heard about linoleum lately, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a viable option for your home.  In fact, linoleum is an all natural product, that is made from linseed oil, wood, cork flour, mineral fillers, and other pigments that are all combined and applied to a jute or canvas backing.

Linoleum is often compared and confused with vinyl, but it’s natural ingredients make it much more environmentally friendly. Just like vinyl, it is resilient, making it a comfortable option for standing and walking on.

Linoleum is also available in click tiles for an easy, do it yourself capability.  It is also naturally antistatic, which helps prevent the attraction of dust and other particles.

The cons of linoleum are that it may not be suitable for a moisture-rich environment, such as the bathroom. This is due to its porosity and it can be resolved with sealing.  Linoleum also retains a very distinctive, yet temporary scent from the linseed oil.  Click here to learn more about linoleum flooring today.

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