The Pros and Cons of Using Cork Flooring in Your Custom Vancouver WA home


close up of a cork

You may not of heard this, but cork offers some very great benefits when installed in a home. It is naturally water resistant, which blocks the development of mold or mildew. This resistance is due to its anti-microbial properties.  Cork also has sound and temperature insulating tendencies, as well as a ability to resist abrasion.

Cork is obtained from the cork oak, but the tree isn’t consumed in the process. Instead, the cork is from the bark of the tree, and can be harvested every three years. This harvesting process makes it a sustainable product choice for the flooring in your home.

Cork provides resilience and cushion underfoot, as well as warmth.  When you choose it for your home, you can expect a unique look that comes in a variety of design options.

If you choose cork flooring, you should know about some of the negatives as well. Cork may sometimes require resealing periodically in order to restore the protective finish. Cork will also fade when exposed to light on a regular basis. Lastly, despite its resiliency, it can indent under constant heavy loads like tables or chairs.

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