A Custom Home Builder in Vancouver WA Discusses A Great New Product for Noise Reduction

DSC_4168Custom home owners in Vancouver WA tend to gravitate towards big, open living spaces and tall ceilings. These qualities help make up the elements of modern home design. That said, these particular design details can cause big problems when it comes to the way noises reverberate throughout the home.

Maybe you have walked into a big, beautiful home before, and before you could really take it all in, noises echo from all around you. Maybe someone pushes in a chair and everyone jumps, or the kids run through the halls and it sounds like a stampede. Either way, the sounds within a large open space can cause some frustration.

Savvy custom home builders are always on the lookout for ways to decrease sound levels inside the home, and a new product from CertainTeed can help.

An easier and more efficient acoustic interior finishing has been introduced to the market. The SilentFX QuickCut noise-reducing gypsum board is an alternative to typical resilient channel or double layer wallboard application. This product allows for homebuilders to control the acoustics within a space.

To learn more about the SilentFX QuickCut , click here.

Our next blog will discuss some of the qualities of these noise reducing products, as well as offer a few installation tips. To read about how Tuscany Homes can help create your new custom dream home, click here.