How the SilentFX Quick Cut Can Reduce Noise Levels in Your Custom Home In Vancouver WA

DSC_3993Our last blog post discussed to introduction of a new product that can help reduce the noise in your home. The SilentFX Quick Cut is specifically designed for residential and commercial construction projects that require a high sound transmission class rating of 50 and higher. It can be used for ceilings, interior walls, or renovations over wood or steel framing.

This product provides square foot savings and high STC ratings with less product, allowing for thinner wall systems. It also addresses high and low frequency noises that other double layer gypsum boards can’t. This product is more reliable than using clips and channels, because it eliminates the possibility of decoupling or short-circuiting during or after installation.

A great benefit of this product is that it is not complicated to install. It scores and snaps in just like regular drywall and achieves higher noise cancelling levels than its competitors.

The ability to reduce noise indoors is an important thing for many homeowners. This product might begin to change the way we view large homes with sound related concerns. Click here to learn more about controlling the noises in your new custom home in Vancouver WA.

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