A Home Builder in Vancouver WA Shares Some Pros and Cons of Natural Stone Flooring

These days, modern home design will often contain stone flooring. This is a great product that offers a timeless feel to just about any home. While laminate, vinyl, and linoleum can offer the look of stone, they do not measure up to the texture and feel of true stone under your feet.

Here are a few pros about stone flooring:

  • DSC_2112Stone flooring is created from real stone, providing a natural and beautiful look and feel to your home
  • The tiles offer a certain level of hardness and durability
  • They are easy to clean
  • They can come in a wide range of colors and texturesThey work very well with radiant floor heat systems
  • They offer the added benefit of helping you stay cool in warmer climates

Here are a few cons to consider about stone flooring:

  • It is extremely hard, leading many items to shatter when dropped on it
  • It can also be slippery, making it a fall risk within your home
  • You might notice chips and cracks in your tiles over time, which can be hard to

For more things to consider about stone flooring, click here.

The flooring you choose in your new home is a personal decision. Whether you are planning to use stone, or any other flooring option, click here to contact Tuscany Homes today!