Why You Should Change Your HVAC Filters in Your Custom Home in Vancouver WA


DSC_2951With spring already here, the warm weather is definitely looming. While there are still a few cooler days to look forward to before we can break out the grill and swimming pools for good, it is a good time of year to begin the necessary preparations for summer.

Tuscany Homes understands that proper maintenance is important for allowing you to be comfortable all year round and to get the most our of your home.

One important task to consider, is to get your HVAC filters changed.  You have likely heard tip many times in the past, but the fact of the matter is that it is incredibly important to change your filters throughout the year. Your home will require different amounts of HVAC system use as the seasons change. The cold from winter might have caused your heating system to become over-worked, which can wear down your filters in the process.

New and fresh filters will help make sure your air conditioning unit is ready to perform when it is called upon. Being proactive and doing this early can save yourself some trouble later on in the season.

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Aside from getting your home ready for summer, spring is a wonderful time to build a new custom home in Vancouver WA. Click here to contact Tuscany Homes and get the process started!