Experienced Home Builders in Vancouver WA Share Some Kitchen Trends to Expect in 2016


DSC_3520Your Kitchen is the hub of your home and many of your family activities will take place in this space. This is why this area needs to function for you and since kitchens are always changing and evolving, it is important to do your research before you make final design decisions.

Here is a great place to start in designing your new modern kitchen:

  • Muted color palettes: White motifs are still dominant, but designers are beginning to see grays and other neutral pastels like pale blue, pale green gray, and tinted whites making a statement in modern spaces. Bold colors are becoming less popular in 2016.
  • Smart spaces: It is very common to see elements of technology in modern kitchens. More and more kitchens are coming equipped with various areas to accommodate your devices. In 2016, kitchens are starting to focus on convenience for families who need easy accessibility to their smart appliances.
  • An ‘80s reboot: Get ready for mirrored backsplashes, brass accessories, and high-gloss surfaces! While the idea behind this vintage design, it is more refined an elegant than before.
  • Metal Range Hoods: Metals will become more dominant in the kitchen this year, maybe even more popular than wood.
  • Integrated kitchen-living spaces: Homeowners will be creating more interactive kitchen spaces this year. Home designs are more open and spaces are expected to serve more than one purpose.
  • Simple design: Since kitchens are so focused on cleanliness, there will be a big emphasis on hoods, islands, and cabinets.
  • Multiple textures: Various textures will be repositioned in different patterns throughout the space. It will be a subtle difference, but it will definitely make a statement.
  • Cabinetry lighting: Homeowners are no longer settling for ceiling and table lighting, now they are expecting extensive cabinet lighting. This additional lighting helps to illuminate the space and create more ways to set the mood.

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