A Custom Home Builder in Vancouver WA Offers Organizational Suggestions for Your Child's Room

Do you ever walk into your child’s room and become instantly overwhelmed? If you are like many parents, you probably wonder who actually has the time to organize and separate all of the random toys, books, and clothes in there.

If this sounds like you, here are a few organizational tips to help you get your child’s room into shape just in time for summer:

  • Regularly weed through unused toys to donate or toss.
  • Purchase hanging nets for easy toy storage.
  • Utilize the hanging space in their closet to help make room in their dresser.
  • Remember to remove clothes that your child has outgrown to cut down on clothing clutter.

Lastly, consider this tip to make toy clutter a thing of the past: Separate toys into small, medium, and large bins. Store them out of reach and allow your child to only play with the contents of one bin at a time.

For more tips to help you get your child’s room in order and keep it that way this spring, click here.

It is important that your custom home in Vancouver, WA fits all of your organizational needs. To discuss the layout of your new home with an experienced homebuilder, click here to contact Tuscany Homes today.