Choosing an Interior Design Style for Your Custom Home in Vancouver WA

DSC_2107Almost everyone has daydreamed over a luscious magazine spread of a room within a home. These rooms have been professionally designed from top to bottom and it is likely that no one has ever put their feet up and relaxed in that space.

Even though real life does not match those perfect rooms in that magazine, it is possible to design a beautiful space that you can enjoy with your family.

To get you started, here are a few things to consider as you begin the planning process of turning your empty space into a personalized and beautiful place to call home:

Stage of Life
: This step is first because of its utter importance. Your interior design should always consider what your life is like right now. That one element should be the basic foundation to start building your design on. If you have young children, you will want a space that welcomes that. You may want to avoid plants and trinkets within reach of tiny hands and might want to forgo the ladder rack for blankets.

Your Style
: Whether you realize it or not, you definitely have a personal style. To determine what this might be, walk through your home, look through your wardrobe, and consider all of the clues you are subconsciously providing yourself. You can learn a lot about color choice, texture preference, and design by the things that you already own. This process also works for the types of furniture you gravitate towards.

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Your living spaces do not have to look like that magazine spread in order to be perfect for your family. At Tuscany Homes, we are passionate about making sure that your custom home in Vancouver WA is both beautiful and functional. Click here to contact us today.