Can I Afford to Build a Custom Home? Part One: Building vs. Buying

Are you considering building a custom home in Vancouver Washington and wondering if you can afford to have exactly what you want? Our custom home builder has the answers in this week’s three-part series.

Building Vs. Buying

In general, buying a home costs less than building a home at the beginning. You’ll need to have a down payment, pay for a home inspection, pay for closing costs, and have 2-6 months of house payments in cash reserves. Find a house that fits in your budget and you’re done!

Building a home will cost a little more upfront. Just like a brand new car, never-been-used homes cost more than one that has been lived in. The house will cost more for what you need, which means your down payment will be more, etc.

However, because your new home will be brand new, there are several cost-savings that will benefit you in the long run:

  • Custom Built HomeOutfitting your home with the newest in energy saving technology will save you money month after month
  • A newer home is likely a healthier home, with new HVAC units and limited dust and soil, saving you on potential medical costs
  • You will get exactly what you want without the cost of remodel
  • Resale of a new home is generally higher than an older home

To find out the cost of building a new home in Vancouver WA, contact Tuscany Homes Custom Home Builder Here.

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