How to Fill the Large Spaces in Your New Custom Home in Vancouver WA

More often than not, folks building a new custom home in Vancouver, WA will gain square footage in their new home. More space is a great thing, but you may be faced with new rooms that need furniture and an bigger rooms that need filling.

So how do you go about furnishing a large space?

  • Living room of Custom Home in Vancouver WAAssess what you have- Often, when moving from one place to another, furniture that didn’t fit in one of your old home’s rooms can now be moved! Take a look at all of the furniture in your rooms and move your items around!
  • Tackle each room in order of priority- Create a priority list based on your lifestyle. Are you planning on having guests soon? Perhaps you need to start with the guest room or the formal dining room. What season is it? If you move in the winter you can probably wait on buying deck furniture.
  • Plan your space before buying- Whether you consult an interior designer or go it on your own, create a plan for your room before you purchase furniture. It’s much easier to go furniture shopping to fill your new living room when you know exactly how many accent tables and chairs you will need.

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