Essentials You'll Need for Your New Custom Home in Vancouver WA

If you’ve been living in an apartment or rental house and are moving into a new custom home in Vancouver WA, you’ll need a few items that you may not have needed in your rental.

Here’s a list of items to make sure you have onhand for your new home.

Fire extinguisher

It’s important to put extinguishers in places where there could be a chance of a fire, like the kitchen or the garage. Remember that fire extinguishers generally require servicing and inspecting by a fire protection service company at least annually.


Now that you are fixing your own home, you’ll need a set of tools!. Some handy tools to have in the house are a hammer, nails, drill, drill bits, staple gun, tape measure, saw, screw drivers, wrench, pliers, WD-40, and safety glasses.

Snow Shovel or Blower

If you’re in an area where you get snow, you may need a shovel to dig out your driveway. If the snowfall is considerable, invest in a snow blower.

Yard tools

If you plan on doing your own yard maintenance, you’ll need a whole host of things like a lawn mower, shovel, rake, weed whacker, push broom, watering can, wheelbarrow, garden hose, lawn sprinkler, edger, blower, and pruners.

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