Custom Home Design for the Generations Part One: Millennials

This week on the blog, Vancouver Custom Home Builder Tuscany Homes will be discussing home design trends for the different generations.

Today, we’ll be discussing the youngest group, the Millennials (a.k.a. Generation Y). These buyers are born between 1978 and 1995. They are the only generation that grew up in a time completely integrated with technology.

Millennials are very social and love to be entertained. Large open spaces for parties, entertainment centers, even sport courts will appeal to them.

Along with a social hub, Millennials want their home to be a technical hub as well. They want small tech spaces tucked into general areas instead of formal offices. A home that is completely wired for sound, wifi, and gaming will appeal to the Gen Y buyers as well.

Millennials aren’t quite ready to afford high end architecture and large spaces, but they do have a sense of style. Clean lines, bright colors, and a mix of metals, and raw woods are where they’ll be willing to spend their hard-earned dollars.

Consider smaller homes that focus on individual and unique architecture when building for Gen. Y…..and really big closets, Millennials have a LOT of clothes!

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