Custom Home Design for the Generations Part Two: Generation X

This week on the blog, Vancouver Custom Home Builder Tuscany Homes will be discussing home design trends for the different generations.

Today, we’ll be discussing Generation X. These buyers are born between 1965 and 1982. This generation is known for being latchkey kids, and the first exposed to daycare.

Generation X is fiercely independent, resilience, and adaptable.Gen Xers expect immediate and ongoing feedback, and is equally comfortable giving feedback to others

Gen X is focused on environmental consciousness, and wants their home to reflect that as well. so natural materials such as cork or bamboo flooring is ideal. They like clean styles and white, white, white!

Generation X wants function as well as style, so along with stylish contemporary kitchens, they desire good storage, full-extension drawers and a workable design.

Gen Xers want versatility in their homes. They want the ability to play music, have sleepovers, play music and have quiet time. Family is key, so the more space for family to gather, the better.

Of course, their desire for versatility means that larger homes appeal to them. Living comfortably means lots of space. In the closets, in the garage, everywhere!

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