Will A Swimming Pool Add Value To Your Clark County Home? Part 1

You’ve tapped one of the custom home builders Vancouver WA to add a swimming pool to your new build or existing home.

That’s awesome. When’s the pool party? I’ve just picked up a new speedo.

Now, for the big question…

Will this swimming pool add value to your Clark County home?

If you measure “value” in how much you love your home, then absolutely. A swimming pool will add a tremendous amount of value.

If you measure “value” by how many dollars your pool will increase the price of your home when you go to sell it then absolutely not.

You’ll never recoup the cost of adding a swimming pool to your Clark County home.

The average cost of installing a 600-square foot, concrete pool in the United States is $30,000. On top of that, you also have maintenance, heating, insurance, and taxes (a pool may not increase your property value but it will increase your property taxes).

Also, do you know that if you have a pool you’ll also need a fence?

According to the Washington State Department of Health’s website, you’ll need a four-foot fence surrounding your swimming pool. If your home is one side of the fence, then all doors leading to the pool need an alarm.

That why’s home builders Vancouver WA say if you’re looking to add value to your house you’re better off making a physical improvement.

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