Will A Swimming Pool Add Value To Your Clark County Home? Part 2

Should custom homes Clark County WA be built with swimming pools? Do swimming pools add value to homes?

In part one of this two-part series, we laid out just how expensive a swimming pool can be and how you’ll never recoup all of your expenses.

But can you recoup some?

Sure you can.

  • A pool will add some value to your home if all the homes in your neighborhood have a swimming pool. In fact, in this case not having a pool may make it harder to sell your home.
  • A pool will add some value to your home if you also have a yard. In other words, your entire backyard isn’t eaten up by your swimming pool.
  • What does your pool look like? Does it fit with your home? Does it fit in with the neighborhood?
  • How well is your swimming pool maintained? Did you use it a lot during its first summer and haven’t touched it since? Or is your pool your “baby” and is so clean you can eat off it? So to speak.
  • When was the pool installed relative to when you’re going to sell your home? If you’re installing a pool and plan on selling in a few years, you’ll get more value out of it. If you intend on selling your home decades after installing a swimming pool, you’ll get less value out of it.
  • The right buyer comes along. You realtor finds a childless couple who loves swimming laps in the morning or a family with teenage kids who want to throw pool parties every week.


Experts will tell you if conditions are perfect, a swimming pool might increase the value of your custom homes Clark County WA by 7% or $7,000 per every $100,000. Again, that’s if conditions are perfect.


We’ve been talking about monetary value. If you love the water, if you love to swim, if you love having everyone you’ve ever met come over on a hot summer day to hang out, then a swimming pool will add infinite value.

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