Nine Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Home – Part 3

Tuscany Homes, a home builder Vancouver WA, doesn’t want the building of your new dream home to be a nightmare.

To make the experience as pleasure as possible, we’ve made a list of the nine biggest mistakes to avoid when building a new home.

In this entry, the final installment of the series, we look at mistakes made about amenities, the building process, and your expectations.

Sacrificing All of Your Amenities. In part two of this series we warned about your mortgage getting out of control. Now, we’re telling you not to sacrifice all of your amenities.

What gives?

There’s a balance you need to make between “needs” and “wants” and what you can do now and what you can’t do later.

For example, you can always replace carpet with hardwood. You can’t add a basement.

Your five kids might need a mud room. They want (but aren’t going to get) a room dedicated to a bouncy castle.

Not Checking in on the Work. Your idea is to have your newly built dream home revealed to you like they do on those cheesy reality shows. Well, that’s a bad idea.

The building of your home shouldn’t be a mystery. Frequently check in on the construction, make sure things are looking the way they’re supposed to look, and if necessary, ask questions.

Believing Your Dream Home is Actually the Home of Your Dreams. Take the term “dream home” with a grain of salt. It might be better to think of it as a home you really, really love.

Every home builder Vancouver WA will tell you that just because you say you’re building your dream home doesn’t mean you’re entitled to every whim of your imagination. There are budgets, deadlines, resell values, and the laws of physics to think about.

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