What To Do After Your Custom Home Is Finished – Part 1

Congratulations! Your custom home builder in Vancouver WA has finished your custom home. You can finally move in.

Did you get our housewarming gift? No? It must have gotten lost in the mail.

Actually, we do have a housewarming gift for you. It’s a list of things you should do now that your custom home is finished.

Okay, it’s not as nice as scented soaps or new dish towels, but hopefully it will help you settle in to your new custom home.

Take Some Time Off. Having a custom home is a huge deal. It’s an experience you might only have once in your lifetime. You should enjoy it.

Also, don’t spend all your time off moving. Use at least one day to really get to know your new pad.

Change Your Locks. During construction, a bunch of people had access to your home. Not that any of those people are crooks, but it might be wise to change your locks. If you’re lucky, your builder installed those special doorknobs that allow you to merely change keys thus keeping you from actually having to change your locks.

Start Changing Your Address. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 20-year-old college student or a middle-aged adult moving into a newly built home, when you change addresses you have to tell the post office.

Remember, the post office only forwards your mail for a few months. As soon as you can, begin the long and arduous process of notifying all of your payees, from your bank to your workplace, that you have a new address.

Don’t worry about notifying your custom home builder in Vancouver WA. They already know where you moved to.

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