Five Reasons to Hire a Custom Home Builder

Are you still debating about whether or not to hire a builder to construct your custom home in Vancouver WA?

If you are still undecided, here are five reasons that might tip the scales in favor of a custom home:

The best part about building a custom home is having the home fit your needs.  You can work with your builder to make sure your custom home is conducive to your style and functional for your family.

Energy Efficiency
Brand new custom homes have all the best energy-efficient features including insulation, plumbing, appliances, and building techniques.  If you want to go green, and save money on energy bills, then a custom home is the way to go.

Low Maintenance
Older homes can have charm and historic appeal, but they usually need a lot of work.  A new custom home does not need constant maintenance.  Sure, you still have to mow and vacuum, but you don’t have to replace the windows, renovate a bathroom, or repair the roof.

Financial Boons
Often, new custom homes come with warranties for stuff like your heating and air conditioning system, kitchen appliances, and windows. These warranties are great if something goes wrong. Older homes generally don’t come with warranties.

It’s Relatively Easy & Stress Free
When you’re having your home custom built you don’t have to worry about competing bids, house hunting, or making sure the home is move-in ready.  Sure, there will be other things to worry about, but knowing that your home will be completed in the near feature, and to your specifications, is a great feeling.

Many who have gone through the process of hiring a custom home builder and they’ve enjoyed it far more than hunting for a house in Vancouver WA.

To learn more about these five reasons, as well as reasons six and beyond, contact Tuscany Homes by clicking here.