Four Ways to Make Your Custom Home Green

In our previous article, we said energy efficiency was one of the top reasons to hire builders and go the custom home route in Vancouver WA.  A custom home is a great way to go green, but we really didn’t say much about how you can go green.  In this article we do.

Below are four ideas on how you can make your custom home environmentally friendly.

Build Small
We’re not advocating that you build a postage stamp-sized home. We’re just suggesting that you use your square fee wisely. Yes, smaller is greener, but building a home that’s manageable and cost effective is still good for the environment.

Use Recycled Products
Your builder can use recycled products for insulation or to make your countertops. They can also use reclaimed wood, recycled steel, and recycled plastic. Some of these materials were once very expensive, but as technology gets better the prices are coming down.

Use Sustainable Materials
When you can’t use recycled products, use sustainable materials.  Wood is a sustainable product if the supplier adheres to sound silviculture standards. The EPA can help you find those suppliers. For flooring, consider bamboo, cork, or linoleum.

It’s All About the Water
One way to go green is to lower your water consumption. You can do that with low flow faucets, tankless water heaters, and showers that pause once the water it’s warm. If you’re really into going green, consider a cistern that will collect rain water.

To ensure that your custom home is environmentally friendly, ask your builders for more green ideas for your custom home in Vancouver WA.

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